Aldo Tura goatskin parchment brass bar coffee table 1960


The varnished goatskin parchment, in rich shades of brown, makes this coffee table typical of designer Aldo Tura. This large square piece would make a fascinating centerpiece for any living room. It’s been beautifully finished for a smooth, glossy texture that feels highly decorative, with a large brass inlay. The table features a niche bar covered by mirrors. Despite its sharpness, the warm, dappled colours of the table allow it to seem cosy, rather than harsh, and all the details are really beautiful. The table has been fully restored and repolished, and is found in a very good vintage condition. A very rare find, and a true timeless Mid-Century Italian beauty.

Dimensions :

Width : 100 cm
Depth : 100 cm
Height : 40 cm