Italian nesting tables made of travertine 1970s


Beautiful vintage nesting tables produced in Italy in the early 1970s from a beautiful travertine marble. The thick shaped surfaces of these three side tables are so slick yet intriguing, with beautiful veins and colors, making them a staging piece of the living room. The foot is also made of travertine. The result is a sophisticated, naturalist look. Fully repolished, they are found in an amazing condition. Dimensions are W 23.6 x D 23.6 x H 16.15 inches for the largest, W 19.3 x D 19.3 x H 13.8 inches for the middle one, and W 15.75 x D 15.75 x H 12.2 inches for the smallest.

Dimensions :

Width : 60 cm
Depth : 60 cm
Height : 41 cm