Large pair of Claude Victor Boeltz bronze and glass sconces 1970s


Despite having a substantial length of 110 cm / 43 inches , this pair of sconces has a level of detail that handmade, fine jewelry might. In fact, the sconces, designed by famed 20th century bronze-worker Claude-Victor Boeltz, were indeed handcrafted. Molten-looking bronze explodes from either side of each sconce, in a style that’s typical of the designer, loosely resembling the licking flames from lit torches. In the center, glass is shaped and textured similarly, calling to mind natural icicles, which makes for a sharp, satisfying contrast against the fiery bronze. The glass can be removed to change the two lightbulbs within. This set is an electrifying example of innovative design. The pieces, found in very good vintage condition, are quite unique and a very rare find.

Width : 21 cm
Depth : 12 cm
Height : 110 cm