Pair of signed Claude Victor Boeltz bronze lamps 1970


This pair of vintage table lamps has the intricacy of fine jewelry. Bronze is sculpted to look miraculously molten and gravity-dying, forming part of the base. Among the twisty bronze nestles a white/translucent crystal rock inclusion. The result is the impression that these lamps are unique works of art. Indeed, not even the two in the pair are exactly alike, as the bronze sculpture is slightly different in each and the crystal rocks are distinct shapes. The sculptures stand atop stately bronze bases. The boxy, modern lampshades are wonderfully simple, allowing the sculptural bases to take center stage. Each lamp is signed by Claude Victor Boeltz and is in very good vintage condition. Rare, extraordinary pieces, the lamps would make any space feel chic and original.

Width : 35 cm
Depth : 25 cm
Height : 68 cm