Mid-Century Sofas set by Raphael Raffel for Honore Paris 1970s - 3 available

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Very rare and unique large sofa by Raphaël Raffel for Maison Honoré Paris in the mid 1970s. Three sofas are available, two with right side backrest and one with left side backrest, depending on the symmetry you are looking for. Each sofa has been newly upholstered in luxurious white cream virgin wool bouclettes fabric from French editor Lelievre - Lama reference for a soft yet elegant feel. This sofa set exudes a stylized 1970s allure, with a warm, cosy energy that will gently diffuse into your space, anchoring in mid-century modernity. Please let us know which backrest side you want while ordering.

Diameter : 260 cm
Depth : 130 cm
Height : 60 cm
Seat Height : 36 cm