Rare signed gilded wrought iron coffee table by Garouste & Bonetti 1995


Rare and unique signed coffee table by Elizabeth Garouste & Mattia Bonetti designed in 1995 by the iconic duo, and edited by En attendant les Barbares. Made in wrought iron hand beaten and waxed, with gold leaf finished, this is clearly a statement piece, especially for those that believe passionate expressions of creativity go hand-in-hand with interior design. Elizabeth Garouste & Mattia Bonetti were a team of designers, based in Paris, who brought extraordinarily imaginative designs into the mainstream. Their work, like this table, reflects their idea that furniture design should have no rules in terms of form and materials. The piece is emblematic of the design duo’s commitment to avant-garde, romantic style, and is highly decorative. The table is signed and stamped, and, extremely rare, and in great condition. Glass top height is 14.5 inches.

Dimensions : 

Width : 160 cm
Depth : 90 cm
Height : 41 cm