Set of 4 Willy Rizzo brass mirrored coffee tables 1970s


Celebrated luxury furniture designer Willy Rizzo designed this set of 4 coffee tables for Cidue Italy in the 1970s. Light reflecting qualities abound as the mirrored surfaces are wrapped in shiny brass. Chunky blocks of gunmetal with brass accent feet serve as the feet. Interestingly, this set of nesting coffee tables allows for some customization, as the tables can be moved around freely and interlocked into different designs. They have three different heights, the two lowest having the same height, being be which can be seen most clearly when they’re aligned like shallow stair steps, with 15.75 - 12.75 - 9.75 inches heights, but the same 23.5 x 23.5 inches tops. This rare set, though it has sharp, clean lines, is also highly decorative and truly original.

Dimensions : 
Width : 60 cm
Depth : 60 cm
Height : 40 cm