Set of two nesting coffee tables Sicilian marble 1970s


Unique set of two nesting tables made in France in the early 1970s from a beautiful sicilian brown black and white wavy marble. The thick surface of each table is slick yet intriguing, with a beautiful and original shape. The result is a sophisticated, naturalist look. A rare find, fully repolished and renewed, found in a great condition.The two tables allow for some customization, as the tables can be moved around freely and interlocked into different designs. They have the same size and shape, but with two different heights, being 16.5 - 15.0 inches heights, with the same 28 x 24 inches tops. This rare set, though it has sharp, clean lines, is also highly decorative and truly original.

Dimensions : 

Width : 71 cm
Depth : 61 cm
Height : 42 cm