Signed Isabelle Faure Cobra brass sculpture chair black alcantara 1970s

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Formed in the lifelike shape of a cobra poised to strike, this unique chair is a not-so-subtle reminder of the lavishness, color-contrasts, and sculptural curves that dominated the 1970s style. It was created and signed by Isabelle Masson-Faure for Parisian design firm Maison Honoré and features a mix of metals, including brass, copper, and bronze. The head of the cobra, and the entire shape, is vividly realistic. Alternating different metals form the pattern going down the serpent’s curving body, in a golden-brown color scheme. One of the most interesting sculptural elements of the lamp is the way the metal has been twisted—the tail of the cobra—to form a sturdy base for the chair. It has been fully restored and reupholstered with a black suede alcantara from Lelièvre. The piece is unique, signed, and highly decorative, sure to be an intriguing focal point for any interior.

Dimensions :
Width : 45 cm

Depth : 56 cm
Height : 94 cm
Seat Height : 51 cm