Maurice Dufrene for La Maitrise art deco rug 1922

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Maurice Dufrene designed this carpet for the famed studio La Maitrise of Les Galeries Lafayette in Paris in 1922, just as he became the director of the studio. His imaginative work and emphasis on originality (rather than trends) would later make him one of the leaders of the Art Deco movement in furniture around the world. Because of his insistence on individuality, he made a point to sign and date his pieces, such as this artful carpet. It’s is one of the first pieces he ever designed during his time with La Maitrise, heralding in a prolific period of production. This rug has been cleaned and completely restored by a professional.

Crafted from handspun wool, the carpet displays a mystical scene of flowers and leaves, intertwined and almost lost among abstract swirls and flourishes. Color palette of this rug is nothing short of elegant, resulting in a perfectly balanced composition. Pastel colors like lilac, white yellow, and coral, lend a gentle and inspiring feel to the design. The carpet would make a stunning, museum-quality piece of wall art, full of important Art Deco history and demonstrating a masterful combination of skill and creativity.

Width : 231 cm
Depth : 153 cm
Height : 1 cm