Unique velvet flower Sofa by Raphael Raffel for Honore Paris late 1970s


Very rare and unique sofa by Raphaël Raffel for Maison Honoré Paris made in the late 1970s. The large sunflower shaped cushion can take different positions on the sofa, being attached to it by seven ribbons tapes, as seen on pictures. It has been fully reupholstered with soft velvet fabric from French editor Lelièvre - Pigment Craie reference 0559 - 32 for the flower cushion, and  Lelièvre - Pigment Argent reference 0559 - 29 for the sofa. This unique piece exudes a stylized 1970s allure, with a warm, cosy and bold energy that will gently diffuse into your space, anchoring in mid-century modernity.

Width : 170 cm
Depth : 110 cm
Height : 120 cm
Seating Height : 45 cm